Probing ... the forbidden mysteries behind the unexplainable
Beyond the Unknown featuring Noted Investigator of the Paranormal Alabama Neptune

Warning! Warning!

Proceed with caution!Panic if you must!

It's fully justified.

All along you've suspected it.

Now finally there's proof and it will be revealed HERE.

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Noted Investigator of the Paranormal Alabama Neptune

Why are we here?

This Internet Web site is dedicated to the ground-breaking work of Noted Investigator of the Paranormal, Alabama Neptune, work which has drawn humanity ever-closer to near-conclusive proof of the intelligences behind the UFO menace, "alien" conspiracies, secret government cover-ups, and beings emanating from dimensions outside the scope of scientific understanding.

Return here with increasing frequency for clues to the shocking truths that those forces which lurk behind the scenes of the power structures of our planet would have you continue to remain ignorant of.

Are we "alone"?

Fractal Imgery Proves Universe "Intelligent"

Be prepared to have the very foundations of your reality system jarred. Case study after case study reveals a shocking truth -- we are not alone! No, there are others here with us, closer than you think, and they pull the puppet strings of a vast effort to manipulate your state of awareness and prevent you from seeing the massive silvery cigar-shaped craft hovering over your head even now.  

Actual Video of "Hovering Craft?"

UFO photos prove existence of alien craft

Object "seen by eyewitnesses" violates
all so-called laws of physics.

The photo page on this site contains an ever-expanding cavalcade of explosive "photographic evidence".

You Be the Judge!

Beware the Men In Plaid!!!

This plaid-vested hitch-hiker is one of the newest manifestations of the phenomenon.

Don't Give This Man a Ride!

Now that phrase "MEN IN BLACK" has been absorbed into popular culture, the weird emissaries of "the phenomenon", who previously appeared as black clad "military men' driving black Cadillacs, visiting alleged witnesses to UFO phenomena, have assumed a new "guise" and new modus operandi ... more>>>

The Truth is "Out There" ... But Where?

No X-FilesMillions of today's young people are "turned on" to the alien-busting antics displayed on the popular sci-fi horror fantasy TV series, the X-Files. While many of them can quote the brazen cover-up disinformation spewed by this slow-moving "drama" chapter and verse, they remain shamefully unaware of the rich UFO Heritage we share as Americans. From the MJ-12 hoax of the 80's, to the retro-styled "Space Brothers" of the 50's, there's so much to know, and so little time ... more >>>

Probing ... the forbidden mysteries behind the unexplainable