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FBI Unusual Phenomena List
Freedom of Information Act documents reveal the official FBI findings on: Animal/Cattle Mutilation (1/12/98); Majestic 12 (1/12/98); Project Blue Book (7/24/97); Roswell (1/12/98); Unidentified Flying Objects (1/12/98)

Mr. X, Consulting Resologist
The Fortean Web Site of Mr. X
Mr. X has a great interest in the life and works of the author Charles Hoy Fort. Fortean things of special interest to Mr. X:
* UFO reports in Canada
* Sea monsters and lake monsters in Canada
* Poltergeists
* Extraordinary mirages (such as phantom lands)
* Spontaneous human combustions
* Unknown planets (such as Vulcan, Planet X, and the Ottawa Object)
* Caraboo

 The Real "MIB" Page!!
"Hello and Welcome to my web site about the Men in Black. My name is Nick, online I go by the name "Knight". My site is for those interested in the mysterious Men in Black, and wishes to find information about these men. I will do my best to find new information pertaining to the "Men in Black", any new information I find will be posted on this page. For those who have just recently become interested in researching the UFO phenomena, it would be a good idea to also read the information found here. Thank you for coming."

"We advise those engaged in Saucer work to please be careful" ~ Albert K. Bender

UFO Folklore!
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"But you see I call it UFO Folklore for a very specific reason. WEBSTER defines folklore as 'Rural superstitions, tales, traditions or legend'. I am not staking a claim in the ground and saying my site proves my theory, I am presenting for public consumption, the most 'substantial' portion of the Greatest Folklore of the Century, UFOs. It is up to the reader to view and interpret this material for themselves. I only state that the Folklore that I try to present is Verifiable Folklore in the form of Newspaper quotes, Government papers etc, . It is all still folklore until proof positive exists."

The UFOINFO Web site provides impartial coverage of a wide range of UFO topics and information for researchers, enthusiasts and those new to the subject.

"The study of the UFO phenomena is NOT a substitute for religious belief; if you need emotional or spiritual fulfillment you will not find it here."

"I do NOT give entries or links to UFO cults."

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