Beyond the Unknown featuring Noted Investigator of the Unknown Alabama Neptune

Photographic Evidence or Sophisticated Hoaxes?

Alleged actual photos may provide conclusive proof that the UFO alien is fact, not fiction!

The images on these pages contain the newest evidence that something is going on here... something that THEY don't want you to know!


Now what are they doing? UFO craft hover in clusters near military installation, seeming to taunt our military leaders with their impotence in the face of advanced visitors from elsewhere.


This college student holds a section of debris found near a field where a damaged saucer craft was observed on the ground. The strange alloy disappeared shortly after being turned over to "authorities." Interestingly, the dog's behavior improved noticeably while near the material.


Note the trajectory of this alleged object recently captured on videotape over an unnamed densely populated major US city.


These attractive tourists in San Francisco seem blissfully unaware of beings from regions beyond our comprehension piloting enormous UFO craft nearby.

Flap Area

Over the past several months numerous sightings were recorded in the "flap area" on this map. Formations seen of enormous triangular red and/or green lights may be a "cosmic stoplight" on the road to evolutionary war!

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