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They want you to cower behind the furniture in abject paranoia, trembling uncontrollably in stunned silence, while the things you've seen with your own eyes hurl you into an abyss of endless self-doubt, and slowly absorb this nation into a secret totalitarian brain-police state. Post your abduction reports, object sightings, so-called "theories", and unwarranted personal attacks here:

Your anonymity will not be compromised, and your story of eyewitness encounters with forces utterly defiant of the laws of both physics and common sense will reassure others that they are others out there whose reality structures also have been shattered beyond recognition.

Or... perhaps you may wish to fill in our UFO Belief Analysis Survey below. Your responses will help put rigorous scientific methods to work sorting out the confusing opinions of the vast millions who suspect SOMETHING IS TAKING PLACE...


Secret Code Name:

I believe that
alien UFO
craft from outer
space are:
The physical vehicles of an advanced scientific race from another solar system here to study our behavior patterns
The magical etheric vessels of Brothers from Higher Planes of Existence here to usher in a New Age of Spiritual Enlightenment
The illusionary distraction objects of a group of amoral DNA-manipulating monsters from the hollow Earth
Mass hallucination and / or media fueled wish-fulfillment fantasy

Have you
ever seen a
UFO craft or
alien being?
No. I am 100% certain that I have not
I remember thinking I saw something, but now I'm not sure

I definitely observed an event or object that I cannot explain without becoming dizzy and needing to lie down

I have been chosen by the aliens to collaborate with their sinister takeover plan

The government
Continue to silence the truth of the UFO in order to prevent mass panic and the total breakdown of society and all its institutions
Continue to leak subtle hints about the UFO phenomenon and embed them into trends in popular culture and sci-fi entertainment product such as "The X-Files"

Disclose fully everything it has learned of the nature of the UFO phenomenon since the 1947 crash at Roswell NM, no matter how catastrophic the consequences to civilization as we know it

Go away  

If I was in charge
of dealing with the
UFO situation, I'd:

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