Beyond the Unknown featuring Noted Investigator of the Unknown Alabama Neptune

* About the Investigator *

The Making of a Noted Investigator of the Paranormal

Beyond the Unknown Poster from the Early Nineties

UFOAmong the "insiders" in the UFO community, the name Alabama Neptune is legendary. During the late seventies, the eighties, and early nineties his methodical, relentless pursuit of the reality behind the UFO menace was as well-known as his distinctive southern accent and trademark plaid sport coat.

AlienHis by-line appeared on frequent contributions to popular "fringe topic" magazines as "Strange Fates", "Saucer Dimensions", and "ALIENZONE!", where his reasoned, dispassionate approach to the issues raised by the reality that bizarre beings from unknown realms beyond human comprehension are relentlessly manipulating the consciousness of all mankind provided a refreshing alternative to the sensationalism and outright fraud so rampant in the field.

UFOHis "Beyond the Unknown" radio commentaries and newspaper columns were popular in numerous major market alternative weeklies and community radio stations from 1989 through 1994. His star was rising, and he was on the verge of breaking through to the level of UFO superstardom experienced by such luminaries as Stanton Friedman, Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber.

Then silence ... Alabama Neptune vanishes from public view.


Missing TimeUFO

So just where has Alabama been for the last seven years? Why the sudden re-emergence just as a new millennium has dawned and the rise of Internet has provided an ideal vehicle for his campaign to reveal the secrets of a mind-numbing conspiracy that threatens to restructure the very genetic code of the human species and divide society into a mass of mindless media-hypnotized drones and a secret core of super-enlightened "Illuminati" mind-overlords?UFO

Rumors have swirled that Alabama Neptune had been silenced ... that THEY had threatened him ... that they'd taken final control of his brain and that he languished a dazed vegetable in an Arizona retirement community ...


He's Back!UFO

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The staggering details of his "lost years" will be revealed in due time. The bottom line: ALABAMA NEPTUNE IS BACK! And this web site will serve as but one conduit for his work of the past, as well as his message for today:

"Something is going on...
and you don't know what it is!"UFO

This site will be continually expanding; a full biography is in the works, as well as excerpts from his casebooks, more shocking photos, and jaw-dropping streaming audio and video media documents.


Reach OutUFO

UFO"We must take the next step," said Alabama in a recent statement, "We must harness the power of Internet Technology to build a community of fearless warriors of free consciousness, undaunted by the seemingly overwhelming forces arrayed against those who would dare to train blinding glare of the harsh spotlight of revelation on the Alien / UFO / Illuminati / Secret Government Conspiracy market."

If you are ready to put your life and the lives of your loved ones in unimaginable danger, be sure to visit the Alabama Neptune "Contactee Page" and share your recollections of Alabama's career, as well as your own UFO alien abduction sighting experiences.


Probing ... the forbidden mysteries behind the unexplainable