Beyond the Unknown featuring Noted Investigator of the Unknown Alabama Neptune

*Top Secret Briefing*

The Truth is "Out There" ... But Where?No X-Files

Millions of today's young people are "turned on" to the alien-busting antics displayed on the popular sci-fi horror fantasy TV series, the X-Files. While many of them can quote the brazen cover-up disinformation spewed by this slow-moving "drama" chapter and verse, they remain shamefully unaware of the rich UFO Heritage we share as Americans. From the MJ-12 hoax of the 80's, to the retro-styled "Space Brothers" of the 50's, there's so much to know, and so little time...

Week after week viewers with a genuine interest in learning the truth about what is really "out there" endure several science-free mystical monster murder mysteries in hopes of experiencing the next set of clues to the "mythology." The term mythology precisely describes what this clever forgery is generating in the mass consciousness.

Blended in with utterly preposterous "phenomena", none of which have ever been recorded in the annals of genuine investigation, we find fragments of the truth behind the conspiracy. Camouflaged in a forest of hideous TV sci-fi fluff and gory rubber "tissue" are anti-hints which if properly understood would make your jaw crash violently to the floor at the audacity. Just a virus is rendered impotent when prepared as a vaccine, these nuggets of "truth" are rendered powerless to move the mass culture to outrage at the violation of our very genetic essence on a daily basis.

For each phony rubber steel-bending bullet-proof demon-possessed serial shape-shifter parading across our TV screens, thousands may be floated from their bedrooms into a waiting "space-craft" to have an "implant" thrust into the proximity of their pineal gland with a "weird suction device" clamped to their "genitals." It could be YOU ... then how interested will you be in the sexual tension between Scully and Mulder?

Probing ... the forbidden mysteries behind the unexplainable