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1992 Radio Address...


Those individuals who have followed the unfolding UFO situation are no doubt aware of the astonishing media blitz concerning this vital topic that has been taking place in recent days. In addition to the broadcast of the CBS television mini-series "Intruders", detailing for the first time since the "Interrupted Journey" TV movie in the mid-seventies the frightening reality of the so-called abduction phenomenon on a network level, numerous tabloid type programs featuring the UFO subject have appeared, and most disturbing of all, a front page feature story in the actual Wall Street Journal itself.

Computer bulletin boards across the nation, used by researchers and other UFO buffs, including some with insider contacts within the military and intelligence community, as well as internationally heard short wave broadcasts, have been buzzing with rumors that these highly publicized media indoctrination events are but the prelude to the long awaited revelation by the U.S. government of involvement with so-called alien beings and their technology, and the admission by high-level sources of a startling cover up of the disturbing truth that has been going on since the late 1940's.

The extent of the information that is expected to be released shortly, as well as its truthfulness, is the subject of much debate. Those individuals who have penetrated the wall of secrecy surrounding UFO implications have long hinted at the profoundly disturbing nature of the truth behind the apparent ongoing visitation by beings from other worlds, and of the secret shadow government controlling the world political and economic situation at the bidding of the Illuminati, and their puppets the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers, knowing that the general public would explode into rage and rebellion were they to ever become aware of the hypnotically induced spiritual and mental control mechanisms that have been used to manipulate the course of history since before the beginning of recorded civilization.

The truth behind the genetic restructuring of mankind's physical form as well as the spiritual misdirection and possible soul enslavement that awaits the vast majority in the next world would send millions screaming into the night, leaving the rest to collapse into a state of catatonic shock that would cause the current voter apathy and mistrust of the institutions of our society pale by comparison. Those in the know are convinced that this imminent release of information is coming about only because the aliens themselves are forcing the hands of the secret controllers, despite this being an election year, even though all three major candidates for the presidency are Conspiracy insiders.

As listeners to "Beyond the Unknown" are aware, I have had contact with a group of UFO beings, who have given me a vision of an expanding wave of consciousness sweeping across the face of the planet, a wave that is increasing in its effects as Earth moves into a region of higher levels of spiritual intensity. This wave is currently manifesting as increased social turbulence and a widening gap between the enlightened and the ignorant; between the forces of civilization and those who are motivated by nearly intolerable internal drives.

The aliens I have received information from have warned me that the months and years ahead will be profoundly difficult, as a centuries-long plan of spiritual unfolding results in the prophesied "Last Days", and the actual public appearance of UFO craft leading to a cosmic era of interaction between mankind and intelligences from higher lifestyles who have been attempting to guide our evolutionary path for centuries. Many will not physically survive the transformation process. Many will be driven insane when their most cherished beliefs are revealed to be hollow manipulations by powerful individuals bent on diverting the path of progress for their own ends.

Freedom and individuality are the stakes in this game. We stand poised on the brink of a new era, one which could lead us down the road to a world of peace and harmony, or could plunge us into a nightmarish hive-like existence as the shambling drones of super-powerful mental forces. Our only hope is to use the well-spring of creative outpouring each of us possesses within, our priceless gift of righteous insanity and feverish individuality that is our God-given heritage as we move into the turbulent times ahead. Stockpiles of food and bottled water, as well as caches of arms and ammunition behind well-fortified barricades, are recommended as extra measures for security, as the overwhelming presence of UFO consciousness begins to bear down ever closer over our unsuspecting heads.

The time that I have been warning you about has arrived. The seven year tribulation period is well into its first year. The final descent of the alien intelligences is predicted for July, 1998 at 8:00 am. Before that time, however, we may witness together the most astonishing events in human history.

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