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December 1992 ...UFO

Will Clinton Election Result in Cover-up End?

Will the election of Bill Clinton as president of the United States result in the exposure of a forty-five year long cover up of the secret involvement of the government with actual literal alien beings from beyond our understanding?

Does the new administration plan to expose at last the behind the scenes machinations of a conspiracy to ridicule, discredit, and harass out of existence legitimate civilian investigation into the mind-boggling phenomena associated with the UFO situation, as well as the shadowy forces emanating from a cabal within the intelligence community involved in mysterious operations to cloud the truth with not only disinformation but also frighteningly advanced mind control techniques???

With the change-over in Washington, can concerned citizens expect support of initiatives in the United Nations to conduct an international investigation into what may be the most important area of scientific research of the twenty first century?

Those who are holding their breath in an anticipation of a presidential address, shortly after inauguration, revealing to the public the staggering truth about UFO's can exhale. I can safely predict that even Bill Clinton will do everything in his power to maintain the nearly half century long campaign of intimidation and obfuscation in this vital area!

What are they afraid of? What secrets do the beings behind the UFO possess that causes the governments of the world to tremble in fear? What forces would be unleashed were the real truth known to all humanity at last? Could the resulting chaos and panic be any worse than what we have now? ISN'T IT TIME TO DEMAND AN ANSWER FROM OUR GOVERNMENT??????!!!!!!!!

Write your congressman! Call your senator!!! Tell them, "We, the American people want to know NOW!!!!" Don't let the forces of Illuminati conspiracy continue to herd you like sheep!!! Wake up and take hold of the reins of power! Were you given a vote regarding whether or not to continue the lies and deceit??? Did the candidate you voted for say one word about ending this malignant disease eating away at our very constitutional form of government itself? Don't you think it's time for ACTION????

In the past, those who wanted to penetrate the mass consciousness about UFO's used popular music and television to slowly indoctrinate mankind into accepting the possibilities of alien life. The influence of Jimi Hendrix and "Star Trek" continues to influence young people on subtle levels. However, signs would seem to indicate that time grows short.

The turn of the millennium approaches – will we be entering a wonderful "New Age" where "music is the science of the 'gods'", and "the first rays of the new rising sun" will enrich all our lives? Or will it be "business as usual" – increased levels of TRUTH DISTORTION mocking our American ideals of freedom and individuality, and overloading our nervous systems with psychic distress??? The choice is up to YOU!!!!!

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