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October 1992 ...UFO

Imagine ...

Imagine you are driving down a deserted highway late at night. Out of the corner of your eye you see a light in the sky, one that seems to be moving. For some reason, you decide to pull over to the side of the road to take a look. The next thing you know, you are back on the road, several miles further down. When you arrive at your destination, you are stunned to discover you are two hours later than you had expected to arrive.

In subsequent days, you find it difficult to put the incident out of your mind, despite an over-whelming feeling that you should forget what happened. There is an unusual scar on your leg, as though a tiny scoop of skin had been taken out, and later a triangle shaped rash appears on your stomach. You are bothered by nightmares, and feel as though you are being watched. The image of something with large black eyes that you cannot connect to a face bubbles to the surface of your mind for brief instants.

On the advice of a friend you see a doctor, who has no explanation for either the rash or the scar. The doctor refers you to a psychiatrist, who diagnoses you as suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. The psychiatrist uses hypnotic regression techniques to retrieve repressed memories, and you are shocked to relive the experience of being kidnapped and examined by strange alien-type beings, with large heads and large penetrating black eyes. The beings perform some sort of medical procedure before returning you to you vehicle.

The psychiatrist does not believe in UFO people or alien abduction, yet is puzzled by the apparent reality of the stress and trauma of what has happened to you. Further regression sessions reveal an ongoing pattern of abductions and alien encounters throughout your life, since childhood. Memories of suppressed events surface. When details surrounding these events are discussed with relatives, they independently confirm for you the reality of what you are remembering, now without the aid of the hypnosis state.

You had never been interested in the topic of UFO's or paranormal phenomena before, and now find yourself plunged into reading every book you can on the subject. You discover that you are not alone in what has happened to you, that hundreds, even thousands have come forward with similar stories, and that there is a growing belief that the government is conducting a massive cover-up of an ongoing involvement with the beings behind the UFO mystery.

You are contacted by reporters and investigators and UFO buffs, and become involved in the "UFO scene". Feverish debate concerning your case, dominated by personal attacks and uninformed theorizing, surges through the UFO community. One author includes your story in his book, and you begin to receive media attention

You agree to appear on a TV talk show, with the desire to help others who are going through what you have realize they are not going insane and that they are not alone. A "debunker" from the Committee for the Investigation of Scientific Claims of the Paranormal dismisses you as a "fantasy-prone publicity seeker with paranoid delusions influenced by science-fiction imagery in popular culture". You are pestered to death by UFO "nerds" at the UFO conventions that you are being increasingly paid to speak to. You notice strange unmarked black military helicopters that seem to be following you around. You are audited by the IRS.

The aliens continue to come, taking you from your own bedroom at will, and sometimes not even bothering to block your memory. They tell you that you are "chosen", and begin to feed you scientific information and cryptic prophecies. You seem to be developing psychic powers. Your marriage breaks up. You are fired from your job because of your UFO activities. You recede into obscurity and try to put your shattered life back together.

The above scenario has been repeated many times throughout recent years. Is it any wonder that so little progress has been made in uncovering the truth behind the UFO situation?

This is just the tip of the iceberg!!! Stand by for more!

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