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August 1992 ...UFO

"New Age" Near?

IS EARTH TRULY ENTERING A NEW AGE? Are the amazing events we have witnessed, both on the world political scene as well as in the area of UFO-type phenomena, the signal that a DRAMATIC ALTERATION IN LIFE AS WE HAVE KNOWN IT has begin to accelerate?

Throughout history there have been periods of widespread belief that the alleged "END TIMES" were near, particularly as events seemingly foretold in Bible Prophecy had come to pass. As THE YEAR 2000 rapidly approaches, many have interpreted the appearance of UFO's as harbingers of an approaching time of cataclysmic upheaval, especially in light of purported contactee experiences, in which SPACE BROTHERS have delivered messages exhorting mankind to "Cease all atomic testing", "Stop all war", and "Learn to live in peace."

In 1987, "New Agers" around the world gathered to observe the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE, the beginning of a five year period of unprecedented change resulting from the Earth moving into a region of space where "BEAMS" or "RAYS" of "LIGHT" would lead humanity into a higher awareness of truth, a belief based in part upon the calendar of the ancient Mayans of Central America. One author even goes as far as to claim that the Mayan people themselves were EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL in origin. We are also beginning to read about the approaching HARMONIC CONVERGENCE II, scheduled for this year, the end of the five year period of transition.

Not much, however, has been heard concerning the so-called 11:11 DOORWAY, promoted by the alleged channeled Space Being known as ASHTAR. The 11:11 Doorway is described as an opening in the protective ETHERIC ENVELOPE surrounding this planet, allowing COSMIC LIGHT to pour through for a period beginning in January of this year, and ending in the year 2013. Allegedly, during this time the forces of truth will become stronger, and the forces of illusion will weaken, resulting in tumultuous times ahead, as those clinging to ignorance, delusion and EVIL ITSELF struggle to maintain their precarious hold onto power.

Can there be any actual literal scientific truth to the notion of different sectors of space vibrating at different rates of ETHERIC ENERGY? How could this affect the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of humanity in such profound ways? Is it possible that these ALLEGED CHANNELED UFO BEINGS are more than the inane ramblings of starry eyed dreamers and outright frauds? And what relationship is there between these ideas and the discovery of COSMIC ORGONE LIFE ENERGY by controversial scientist Wilhelm Reich in the late forties?

The answers to these questions could ASTONISH you! Watch this column for more questions that MUST BE ANSWERED while there is still time!!!!!

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