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June 1992 ...UFO

What Does the Government Know?

What does the government know about the truth behind the UFO Enigma? The recent "Intruders" mini-series seemed to imply that the secret behind the cover-up was that the government did not want to admit that they had no answer, that they were afraid to admit to the American public that they were powerless before an intelligence far beyond the understanding of known science.

Was this yet program another cunning media plant in the continuing disinformation campaign to confuse and distort the true situation at the behest of a shadowy group of secret controllers at the highest levels of the international conspiracy? Are we helpless before the combined menace of alien intrusion and intelligence agency manipulations.

As paranoid as these speculations may sound to those who have not investigated the UFO situation, many who have been contacted by the apparent operators of these strange craft come away from their encounters with the belief that the intelligences from beyond are not malevolent, but rather have a deep concern for the welfare of humanity and are possessed of a profound understanding on both a spiritual as well as genetic level. Are the frightening tales of abduction, hypnotic control and disturbing "high strangeness" the result of our limited comprehension of mankind's place the cosmic scheme?

Once again, rumors of an imminent release of information by the government have been replaced by an eerie silence. Once again, those of who have stood by expectantly awaiting revelations on a mass scale have seen the situation remain much as it has for the last forty-five years. Millions continue to witness objects in the sky that are not man-made, objects tracked on radar by the same military we pay billions for protection. Thousands find their lives disrupted by encounters with beings that defy explanation, their pleas for help met by ridicule and ignorance.

Meanwhile, the UFO investigation community continues their petty internal squabbles, and endures the seemingly endless hoaxes that have marked their quest for understanding since the end of WWII.

Will we ever have a final answer? Will the truth continue to elude the general public until THEY decide we are ready to accept it? Is the breakthrough we have been waiting for all these years finally imminent? WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

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