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May 1992 ...Alien

Have YOU Been ABDUCTED by Aliens?

Have you been ABDUCTED by aliens? Researchers have encountered a startling number of individuals who seem to have been taken aboard "spacecraft" and subjected to examination by humanoid beings NOT OF THIS WORLD.

Often, there is no conscious recollection of these traumatic experiences, only fleeting impressions of SOMETHING HAPPENING during episodes of MISSING TIME. UFO researchers have employed techniques of HYPNOTIC REGRESSION to uncover these astounding stories, which first came to public awareness during the early 1960's, with the well-known case of BETTY AND BARNEY HILL, who turned to a psychiatrist for answers after a GAP IN TIME during a trip down a deserted highway. Under hypnosis, they revealed matching alien scenarios.

Researcher Budd Hopkins has HYPNOTICALLY REGRESSED hundreds of subjects and estimates that the UFO abduction phenomenon may be FAR MORE WIDESPREAD than anyone suspects. Perhaps millions around the world have been victims of these OTHERWORLDLY EXAMINATIONS and IMPLANTATIONS with strange objects.

Can such a shocking, massive involvement of unknown beings with humanity actually be taking place? Increasing reports of POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME in otherwise normal patients, from psychiatrists who are UFO "UNBELIEVERS", seem to indicate abduction-like disturbances. One scientist's theory is that persons who seem to have alien abductions are in actuality re-experiencing BIRTH TRAUMA, pointing to numerous parallels between these experiences and childbirth memories brought to the surface by the hypnotic regression, fleshed out with "alien" details by UFO researchers eager to prove an EXTRATERRESTRIAL HYPOTHESIS.

But what of the individuals who have experienced alien abduction scenarios WITHOUT LOSS OF MEMORY? Or the HISTORICAL TALES OF ABDUCTION, of encounters with "the Little People" and "changelings" that echo today's stories of mysterious pregnancies and cross-bred children?

While a TV movie about the Betty and Barney Hill case, "INTERRUPTED JOURNEY", has been made, as well as an upcoming television version of Budd Hopkin's book "INTRUDERS", the TRUTH behind the abduction phenomenon has yet to be told! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

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