Beyond the Unknown featuring Noted Investigator of the Unknown Alabama Neptune

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April 1993 ...UFO

Uh Oh ... What's Alabama Neptune Up to Now?

I had suspected that if I "shook the tree" long enough, THEY would be forced to act, and now the moment looms before us when the final fragments of evidence tumble uncontrolled onto our heads, raising the curtain on the what may be the final act in the ABSURDIST DRAMA of the UFO.

Like a puzzle with no picture on the box, each piece of the greatest mystery of this or any century begins to lock into place, and the outline of a startling image that will TOTALLY REVOLUTIONIZE HUMAN THOUGHT on this planet begins to assume a semi-recognizable form.

The information pool has been so contaminated it may be difficult for all but the most experienced researcher to breathe. Who among us has the strength of character to resist the temptations accompanying the awesome sense of cosmic importance that comes with possessing the "SMOKING GUN" testimony that could blow the lid wide open at last?

When I was "contacted" by the man we shall refer to as "Mr. X", I little suspected that I was about to receive not only confirmation of my wildest speculations concerning the activities of the secret government and its involvement with seeming "aliens", but was also entering a topsy turvy "Alice in Wonderland" world of such PROFOUND PARANOIA and head-spinning menace that I have debated long and hard whether to even hint at these things in this column.

When I first began my career as a UFO researcher, I made A SOLEMN VOW to reveal the truth to the American people, no matter the cost. But now I have been forced to ask myself whether anyone on Earth is truly ready to absorb the MADDENING CONCEPTS "Mr. X" revealed to me, a relentless line of reasoning and seeming proof that draws an inescapable path between the frontiers of quantum physics, the ghost-infested haunted house, and the most profound thinking of the most advanced theologians of our time.

What is "Prometheus"? Why did the aliens break off their secret alliance with the shadowy group in the military/intelligence community, and why does this group (MAJI?) now abuse the advanced mind technology they were entrusted with to falsify terrifying abductions, stage gruesome cattle mutilations, and "toy" with helpless UFO buffs?

Who are the "Overlords of the UFO"? What was the fate of the computer hacker who dared to access the forbidden computers of "Dreamland"? Are there truly such beings as "hypnogogic intelligences". And what of the seven year "tribulation period" prophesied by psychics such as Nostradamus?

If you have ever awakened to find yourself temporarily paralyzed, perhaps sensing furtive presences in your room, or remembering bizarre dreams about "streams of information", you may already be an unwilling participant in the "twilight of the space age". If you have found yourself fascinated by the subject of UFO's, maybe even a little obsessed, TURN BACK NOW!!!

Do NOT continue to read this column! If you must read it, pretend it is only the fantasy of a disturbed mind, while you still can. Find a more down-to-earth hobby, spend more time with your family, go bowling. THIS WAY LIES MADNESS!!!

Some will claim that I have cracked at last under the strain of bearing this knowledge, and that is their privilege. I do not know if this will be my last column or not -- I may have revealed TOO MUCH ALREADY! However, I would be betraying the trust my readers have placed in me if I did not issue this warning while there is still time -- DON'T THINK ABOUT ALIENS!!!!!

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