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January 1993 ...UFO

An Open Letter to President Bill Clinton

As a new generation of leadership takes the reins of power, there is a spirit of hope in the air for change, a feeling of inspiration sweeping across not only this country, but the entire world. President Clinton, you have promised to return government to the people and open the doors that have been closed for so many years.

It is with hope for the future, and also a profound concern for an issue that has eaten away like a hideous disease beneath the surface of our fragile democracy, that we, who have spent our lives dedicated to uncovering the astounding truth behind the UFO mystery, DEMAND that you live up to the faith placed in you by your millions of fans, and use the power of your high office to open the locked doors of government secrecy and reveal the following:

  1. The truth behind the 1947 saucer crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Where the wreckage of alien craft is stored. The fate of the bodies found at the crash site.

  2. How the secret Majestic 12 group was established by President Truman to shroud the UFO mystery in secrecy and ridicule, and keep the truth behind the most important story of the millennium the exclusive property of a sinister power elite.

  3. Whether a "deal" was made with the beings behind the UFO allowing them to abduct innocent victims in exchange for alien technology. Whether this deal has gone awry, and whether there are now joint human/alien bases beneath the sands of the southwestern desert.

  4. What is really going on at the base near Groom Lake, Nevada, known as Dream Land, or Area 51. Are captured alien craft really being tested there, and alien propulsion secrets being uncovered.

  5. The truth behind the persecution of brilliant pioneer life energy researcher Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 50's, and the suppression of not only his life saving medical discoveries, but also the principles behind the free energy motor he is believed to have invented, but which mysteriously disappeared.

  6. The reality behind the abduction phenomena. Mr. President, if thousands, if not millions of Americans are not safe in their homes and cars from mind-warping beings violating their very lives in the most profound ways, then all the rhetoric about freedom and liberty is a meaningless sham. If you could have heard the caller to my recent radio program cry out in distress, as a result of an alien abduction that stole five days from her life and left her stranded in another state, I know your heart would go out to the victims of this wide spread phenomena, and you would be forced to act.

Time grows short, Mr. President. By the time you read this, you may have already been briefed on the secret truth. Or you could be being kept in the dark by the shadow government controlling this vital information, if not the world. Millions look to you for leadership -- don't be a helpless puppet of Illuminati Conspiracy.

Don't let us down, Bill. Don't let us down ...

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